Katie Pollock Katiespollock06@gmail.com 

Katie is a certified lifeguard and head swim instructor this year. She just graduated high school and is headed to college in the fall. She has been a competitive swimmer for 4 years and has been swimming at Ithaca Swim Club her whole life, as well as babysitting kids of all ages since 6th grade. Katie works well with all ages, and is excited to start teaching this summer! 

Lucille Walker: lucille.walker@icsd.k12.ny 

Lucy will be a freshman in college this fall, and is teaching swim lessons through the swim club for the first time this year, although she has been teaching for a few years. She has been swimming her entire life, with a main focus on swimming ability for open waters, as she loves boating. Lucy loves being around the water and helping others have fun there too. She prefers teaching levels 1-3 at any age, and also has experience working with neurodivergent people because of her time in Unified Basketball at Ithaca High School. She is happy to teach any age of different abilities and young kids getting their first experiences in the water 

Isaac Hajjar - ih14@icsd.k12.ny.us 

Hello! I am Isaac Hajjar, and am going into my junior year at IHS. I am looking forward to my first year at Ithaca Swim Club and instructing lessons. I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities. I have loved my time teaching with Greek Peaks adaptive snow sports and look forward to teaching in the water! ih14@icsd.k12.ny.us 

Terri Hoppenrath  terrihoppenrath@gmail.com  

Terri is a nationally-ranked masters competitive swimmer with Level 1 coaching certification.   She prefers intermediate and advanced adult swimmers.  

Henry St. John henryrstjohn17@gmail.com 

Henry is a first time private instructor and certified lifeguard looking forward to a great summer at the Swim Club. Henry is a rising sophomore at Lansing High School  He swam on the Varsity team as a freshman, has been a CIT at Wind and Waves for two years and loves anything and everything about the water.  An avid fisherman, watersports enthusiast and scout, Henry can handle anything that comes his way.  He's been babysitting for three years, not counting his younger siblings, and loves spending time with kids. Henry's willing to work with all ages and abilities and just wants to help kids feel confident in the water and have a great time. henryrstjohn17@gmail.com 

Ivalee Bascom  ivalee.bascom@icsd.k12.ny.us  

Ivy is 17 years old and a rising senior at Ithaca High School. She has been teaching swim lessons for the past 2 summers and has been a competitive swimmer for nearly 7 years. She enjoys working with kids of all ages and levels, and especially loves working with young kids 

Olive Fitzpatrick  fitzpatrickolive@gmail.com 

Olive has been teaching at the Y during the school year and is super good with kids of all ages.   Last summer she had extensive experience working at IC3 and became an expert at relating to kids.    She's also had experience participating on  swim team at both the Y and our Swim Club.  Last summer she helped us coach a swim team session when we were short -handed and quickly became a favorite.    Olive is a favorite instructor who is loved by kids of all ages.   Her favorites are kids of all ages and abilities.   She'll be helping with swim team as needed also.

Aaron Freemantle: afreemantle@gmvs.org 

Aaron is a first-time private instructor and certified lifeguard this year.  In the fall, he will be a junior at the Green Mountain Valley School, a ski racing academy in Vermont.  Aaron was on the swim team at YMCA, the Swim Ithaca, and the Ithaca Swim Club. He has experience coaching ski racing and loves to have fun with kids. He is a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate swimmers ages 5 & up. 

Oleksa Vatamaniuk olevatamaniuk@gmail.com

Oleksa is a returning veteran from the past 4 years (and probably more)!    He is well-loved by all kids fortunate enough to have experienced lessons with him. His favorite levels are beginner and intermediate kids ages 4+.

Julia Madrid: jm35@icsd.k12.ny.us 

Julia is a second-time private instructor and certified lifeguard this year at the ISC.  She is going into her junior year at IHS.  She has been a babysitter for six years and is excellent with younger kids.  She took private lessons at the Ithaca Swim Club when she was 5 and knows how scary learning to swim can be.  With that, she will make lessons fun as well as productive.  Julia is a perfect fit for beginners ages 2-8 (levels pre-swim, I, and II). 

Gloria Bach-Koch   gloria_bach@yahoo.com

I most enjoy teaching intermediate stroke development, advanced, and higher level beginners who are comfortable putting face in the water.    I also love to work with with special needs people.   (kids, teens & adults)     I'm not professionally trained in this area but have had good experience with special needs people at the Y this year and really enjoy it.