Presidents Letter

April 1, 2014

    Spring has sprung again and the crazy Ithaca winter weather is finally behind us.  It is time to start looking forward to another summer filled with club friends, family, sunshine and good times at the pool.  In less than two months the Ithaca Swimming Club, Inc. will open its doors for the 47th season.  The freezing temperatures of winter are gone and hopefully this summer will prove to be as wonderful as last year.    

    To start with I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Karie Allison and I am happy to serve as the President of the ISC Board for another season.  The swim club has been a place of wonderful memories for my family and me for the past 13 years.  I am honored to be a part of The ISC family and am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting many new ones this summer at the pool.  I have four active boys ages 13 and 9 which make my family pretty hard to miss. Please say hello and let me know if there is anything that I can do to make your time at the pool as enjoyable as possible.    

    For the past few years the ISC Board has taken the opportunity to do some much needed updating of the club. This work has all been done with the capital fund that we have each contributed to when joining the club.  Because of this fund we are now proud members of a fantastic club that has a new roof, remodeled bathrooms and showers, updated plumbing, an extensive supply of new commercial quality lounge chairs, tables and umbrellas, picnic tables, BBQ grills and self-operated pool cleaner.  This past season we finally purchased and installed a much needed and long overdue pool heater.  This new heater is energy efficient and kept the pool at a comfortable temperature all summer long.  Of course all of these updates have come at a substantial cost. Consequently, we are now assessing a $75 Capital Improvement Fee for new and returning Lap Swim Members.   

    We ask that our members please take pride in the new facilities and help to keep them in tip top order all season long.  Last summer, unfortunately, we had a few instances of vandalism at the club (paint being peeled off of walls in the changing stalls, writing on walls).  If you happen to witness any destruction of the club facility please let a member of the board or a lifeguard know immediately.    

    The board is pleased to announce that Kevin Markwardt will be joining us as pool manager for another season.  Kevin has been with us for many years and truly cares about the pool, our members and our employees.  On top of his responsibilities for the Swim Club (which is actually a year round commitment), Kevin is also the swim coach for the Ithaca College Swim Team. Kevin’s expertise has been irreplaceable and his dedication has led us to have an amazingly qualified staff of lifeguards, a top notch swim instruction program, and a fun-loving swim team.   

    I want to make a special point to remind everyone that the Club is a cooperative: We rely upon our members to help it run effectively.  The work parties are an essential part of the cooperative, as there is a substantial amount of work involved in preparing the club for opening, as well as helping with maintenance and improvements of the building and grounds.  Please join us for one of the three designated work parties this season. Please remember that you must present at the scheduled start time to receive work party credit. We do understand that it may be difficult for some members to attend a work party and we are aware that there are many things that need attention during the open summer months.  If you cannot make the work parties but would be willing to weed the play structure area, help with the extremely popular tie dye extravaganza, or have a special work project of your own in mind please contact Board Member Tim Ryan.  We have found that there are many creative ways that you can fulfill your work party duties.   We are open to any suggestions you may have.      

    As a board, we have been working hard to create an environment of family fun.  This summer our Social Directors have scheduled weekly events and crafts for the younger age group.  These will be held every week on the same day and at the same time to allow our members to plan accordingly.  We will also have the “Tween Night” after hour’s parties, a club sponsored dinner, pizza party, Ice Cream Social, Tie Die Extravaganza and so much more.  There will be something for everyone so please see the “Event Schedule” in this newsletter and check the calendar on our website for details.   

    This summer we will also be paying more attention to the membership and security of our club.  Please make sure that you sign in at the entrance each time you come to the club and use your membership number.  This number will be on hand for easy reference.  There will be an employee available at the desk to answer any questions and assist you with any requests you may have at all times.   As usual, I could go on and on about the ISC.  It is a wonderful place for my family and me to share great times all summer long and I am looking forward to seeing everyone Memorial Day weekend. See you at the pool!      

Karie Alison, ISC President 2014