1. Registration sheet, front counter: Member must sign in with the guard at the front counter, using their membership number.

  2. Guests must be paid for by member  or guest at the desk. Guest fees are $5.00/person/day. Ten-year members receive 10 guests for free; 25-year members receive 20 guests for free. **We are not allowing guests during the coronavirus pandemic**

  3. Children under 12 may not be left at the pool unless supervised by an adult, responsible teen or babysitter. This rule will be strictly enforced. Parents, whether present or not, are responsible for the conduct of their children, and for any of their guests who are children when using Club facilities.

  4. Children who are unable to swim on their own (without flotation devices) must be within arms-length from an adult in the water at all times. No flotation devices are allowed in the diving area of the pool (including life jackets and noodles)

  5. Vandalism: The pool is patrolled by the County Sheriff's Department. Anyone caught within the enclosure after hours will be held for questioning. Children of club members will lose their privileges for the season if involved in any criminal activity on club grounds.

  6. Garbage: Please take your garbage home, especially pizza boxes and disposable diapers. Recycle bottles and cans.

  7. Alcoholic Beverages are not forbidden, but must be used with discretion. Glass containers of any kind are prohibited.

  8. Valuables: The club cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

  9. Electrical Equipment, such as hair dryers or shavers, may not be used at the Club.

  10. Radios or music players must be used with earphones, except for Friday nights'. Please refer to the pool hours for more details.

  11. Chairs are not available for every member. Please give adults first priority and return chairs after use.

  12. The use of cell phones is strictly forbidden in the locker rooms.

  13. Playground: Please be sure to adhere to the posted playground rules. The playground is an unsupervised area - play at your own risk.

  14. Diving Area: Children must be able to swim 25 yards on their front or back in order to be unsupervised in the diving area of the pool. No flotation devices are allowed in the diving area.Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Don’t jump until the person in front of you has swum away from the board. The guards have the right to close the diving area at their discretion. This sometimes happens if it is raining hard and visibility is low in the pool or if only one guard is on duty.

  15. Busy Days: Guards have the authority to ask for no large floats in the pool during crowded times. This is for the safety of all swimmers.  

  16. Lap Swimmers - guards have the authority to ask lap swimmers to share lanes during crowded times. Only lap swimmers should be in the lap lane areas. Please do not hang, sit, or swim over the lane lines.

  17. Squirt guns and other squirt toys are not allowed.

  18. Closing: All swimmers will be asked to exit the pool 15 minutes before closing.

  19. No smoking is allowed on pool grounds.

  20. Pets are not allowed, except for active service animals.

  21. Barbecues should not be moved to different locations.

  22. Lifeguards. The life guards are in charge of pool safety. It is their job to enforce pool rules. If a guard has to ask a member or guest 3 times to follow certain rules, the member or guest may be asked to stay out of the pool for a short period time as determined by the guards.

  23. No running! No running on the pool deck or in the locker rooms. Members and guests may run in the grass areas or on the tennis/basketball courts.

  24. Tennis Courts - the tennis courts are available to members at all times on a first come first serve basis. 

  25. Board: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a board member.

Current By-laws